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Just Paws Trowbridge


Just Paws is a modern well equipped salon. We have an open plan shop with large windows which makes it well lit and owners are able to see in. We run a relaxed salon and rarely cage dogs as we feel this can cause undue stress. We allow the majority of dogs to socialise on the shop floor when not being groomed this creates a less stressful atmosphere and most dogs that come in cant wait to get through the door! Please advise us if your dog is not good with other dogs so we can arrange for him/her to come in at a less busy time.  

We have two baths which accommodate all sizes of dogs from chihuahua to Newfoundland. Just paws only uses the best quality shampoos and finishing products we use a combination of Nootie and Animology to keep your four legged friend smelling and looking great! They have a range for  every coat type please advise us if your dog has sensitive skin or his/hers own shampoo. 

We use a combination of drying equipment comprising of blasters , stand dryers and a drying cabinet. Drying cabinets are perfectly safe and are ideal for older or over weight dogs who cannot stand for long periods. They are thermostat controlled and fully ventilated.  We always supervise dogs in the drying cabinet and if showing signs of stress they are immediately removed. Most dogs love it and some even fall asleep! Take a look at the pictures of the salon and some dogs in the drying cabinet. 





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